Our Kentucky REALTORS play a vibrant role in our communities. The largest transaction most families will make in a life time is the purchase of their dream home. The REALTOR code of ethics and extensive continuing training in the real estate transaction of buying and selling make them the most qualified professionals to assure the general public that the largest transaction a family could make in a lifetime is a successful and rewarding experience.

Home Market Magazine is proud to support our local REALTORS and are equally proud to produce a Homes magazine that gives the public direct access to our Kentucky REALTORS. A magazine of the most qualified professionals.

We feel confident about what we do and the REALTORS feel confident about the work they do.  This gives the home buyer confidence in who they hire . We will work hard to bring our Kentucky REALTORS and your Home to the public eye,  so you get the best out of buying and/or selling your home.

Our Motto: Keeping it in Kentucky. We are 100% operated in Kentucky. Great REALTORS - Great distribution - Great quality - Great results.

Auction Guide

The Auction Guide was a spin off of the Homes Magazine.  Auctions are a vibrant part of Kentucky, the Auction guide was designed by a group of Auctioneers that would reach a large audience for all types of Auctions with great circulation, good quality, and affordable budgeting. This publication publishes every two weeks and is distributed throughout south, western and central Kentucky in Banks, grocery stores and restaurants to name a few. For the same or less cost in gas and paying some strange guy to distribute flyers around, the Auctioneer emails their Auction to 

homemarketmagazine@gmail.com and BAM! It is on the street everywhere!

If you would like to advertise, please email us below or give us a call!


T: 270-780-0247 

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Auction Guide

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